Client: Vorwerk

Director: Nanno Jiskoot


Vorwerk distributes their products, the Thermomix range (a kitchen appliance and vacuum cleaner) via advisors, anywhere in the world. And we’ve been asked to create a new campaign that will really connect with those influencers.

Vorwerk gave us a puzzle to solve with multiple target groups and products

Vorwerk’s products have different names in different countries; there is the Thermomix and the vacuum cleaner; 3 separate target groups. All of this was easily resolved using our Modular Production Approach.

Our creative, Avi Sampath came up with the campaign idea and working together with director Nanno Jiskoot and photographer Maurice Heesen, we created over 100 assets.

Casefilm Advisor Campaign

Thermomix Sophie

Bimby Lily

Kobold Sophie

Foletto Massimo

The creative was built around 3 target audiences that all had a different communication strategy with existing and new advisors. We created 2 films for each audience for Thermomix and for the vacuum cleaner.

This basis of these 6 films then allowed us to create alternative versions, teasers, cutdowns, social films, banners, gifs and photography.

Our Puzzle; A complete production of 5 days during Covid, combining photography and film.

Photography assets

One of our solutions to this puzzle was to combine film & photography. But not in the usual way where either one doesn’t get the full time and attention it deserves. We actually thought of a way that benefitted the full production as we’ve had multiple target groups and products. We used two locations next to each other with different characteristics. In one location the team shot film with one product and in the other location we shot photography with the other product and cast. This gave us an extreme efficiency on all levels but also efficiency on client level making the best use of their time as all was done remotely.

Thermomix 50 year film

Thermomix 50 year anniversary

And our latest project for Vorwerk was the celebratory film we’ve created for the 50 year anniversary of the Thermomix. A true heritage film taking us from 1968 to now giving us a glimpse of the past from invention through all the decades and evolution the Thermomix has gone through up until now. Directed by Daniel Gallenkamp, with some amazing set design by Anke Haitsma and costumes by Alette Kraan.

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