Client: Philips

Director: Daphne van de Berg


We’ve shot 1928 shots in 3 days!


Create a 360 campaign for the worldwide introduction of the new Philips 3200 Coffee Machine Range, making content for 6 machines with very distinct differences . And do it all without breaking the bank!




We created TVCs that could easily be optimised for either families, couples, milk beverages or just black coffees.


  • 6
  • 7
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  • 1928
  • 3

The extensive list of deliverables included photography, key visuals, lifestyle and product photography for digital and campaign, social assets including full banner sets, coffee porn footage and a CGI Film.

Delicious coffee moments from Europe to China


Coffee Moments

Coffee Moments were the heartbeat of this project. Coffee is central to so many people’s lives, drinking it in the morning, on the go, alone or with friends. As such, we shot a raft of coffee moments that could then fill our asset matrix. These individual moments could be combined or used as stand alones, telling stories about all the features and qualities of the individual products.

2000 shots in 3 days

How do you shoot almost 2000 shots in 3 days without breaking the bank? That was our biggest challenge with this project.  Well, without giving away company secrets (!) we used 3 sets, DOPs following a strict, fully prepped storyboard, and meticulous preparation by the director, production and post production team. All the above contributed to a hugely prolific, fun project.


When it comes to coffee photography, there’s simply no one better than longtime Wenneker collaborator, Maurice Heesen. Together with coffee expert Cor Meijerink, we created arresting images for all stages of the consumer journey for use in both print and online.


Technology film

Next to great beans, making THE perfect cup of coffee is all down to the coffee machine. We made a technology film in partnership with the design department of Philips, demonstrating and showing off all the various features: ceramic grinders, the Coffee Equalizer and the innovative LatteGo technology.