Client: Henkel

Director: Job van As


A campaign that really sticks!


Henkel Adhesive Technologies challenged us to create a full 360 campaign for a range of Loctite & Pattex products. We brought the ideas to life in collaboration with director Job van As and DOP Ruzbeh Babol and by using our Modular Production approach. It allowed us to deliver a campaign comprising of multiple assets: TVC, Online Video, Key Visuals, Photography and Banners.

Henkel wanted this campaign to show that recycling can be easy and fun with their superglue. We came up with three hero stories where the main character uses the glue to reuse a broken household item in a creative way – A great way to show off the versatility of Henkel’s products. A little creativity and a drop of Loctite/Pattex can go a long way!


Hero Films

Combining is key when building a 360 campaign. The three hero stories shown here are the base of the campaign. The shots of these main films, together with additional footage, are used to build a wide range of assets that can be used on different platforms and in different countries. The diversity of the shots allowed us to use them as building blocks so we were able to mix and match and create unique content.


SOCIAL  – 6s

SOCIAL  – 6s

SOCIAL  – 6s

SOCIAL  – 6s

For different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube we’ve created platform specific videos. They’re specially created to fit the objective, the platform and the target audience. In just 6 seconds we showcase the problem: a broken or plain item and how to solve that problem: a drop of Loctite!


Say no to throwing away without thinking,
say yes to giving it a second chance!


Photographer: David Haase


Our in-house CGI team created these extreme macro close-up shots showing the magic in every single drop. It visualises what happens when superglue touches a surface and how it creates this amazinig hold. The shots have been set-up in such a way that they perfectly fit in any edit for both brands.

Because of our Modular Production approach we were able to efficiently produce a 360 campaign containing assets for 2 different brands, multiple channels and multiple markets.

We’ve created assets for Brazil, the UK and Germany and there are more countries to follow soon!

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