Air Purifier Campaign

Client: Philips

Director: Nanno Jiskoot


We’ve created a campaign that became even more relevant due to Covid-19

Case film

Philips Purifier case film

We created a campaign for the new Philips Purifiers. The central challenge was this:  We had 2 product models for different regions AND consumers buy a purifier for quite diverse reasons. It made the communication a challenge. But one which we solved, of course! We were responsible for the development of the creative together with our friends at Lovely.
The final result has been a full 360 modular campaign comprising of films, photography, social and banners. Have a more in depth look at the assets we’ve created and their modularity below.

Vignette films




Bon Appetit

To create a truly modular production we devised a campaign based on vignettes. These vignettes allowed to make content that could be used to target different consumer audiences who were looking for a purifier for all kinds of different reasons; from allergies, dust or indoor/outdoor pollution.

The modularity of the vignettes in combination with the fact that we’ve shot every vignette for both products truly allowed us to mix and match and create unique content. Nanno Jiskoot did a terrific job in creating beautiful, realistic little vignettes that wonderfully communicated emotion and care. By creating building blocks from the different vignettes, local Philips offices could simply create their own edits in order to make them as relevant as possible.

Campaign Assets

  • 2
  • 8
  • 24
  • 85
  • 300


Modularity was foremost in our minds when it came to the photography as well. Arjaan Hamel created beautiful images, fully consistent with the overall creative and scenes we’d shot for the vignettes.

Ensuring that we shot both our hero products allowed us in post to simply swap the products for different models and thereby include every product in the purifier range.

Breathe Easy!

Social Assets

Clean Air

Season Promo

Dust Free Home

Pillow Fight

The social assets for this campaign weren’t just ‘extras’. The creatives really made sure that the social content was integral to the whole campaign. Using the vignettes as a basis we were able to create a dazzling amount of social assets, from teasing Instagram films to Facebook canvas openers.

Our post production team developed the social assets even further with CGI explanation socials.


Night Time

Push Button

Screen Pollution

Petdander Free

Making content future proof is a super important aspect of our modular thinking. Recoloring assets wasn’t a problem and our post team even re-created some social assets for a completely different purifier that one of the countries launched as their hero product. Working in this way ensures that all content is future proof and changes are always possible.

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