Client: Signify

Director: Daniel Bruce


Philips Lighting IS NOW SIGNIFY

Introducing a new brand to the market with a bang!


Deliver a full brand campaign from scratch within 6 months in 20 languages while working with multiple agencies on developing the complete style for this exciting new brand. 



VFX Breakdown

VFX Breakdown Signify

The global brand Philips Lighting separated from Philips at the beginning of 2018, continuing under the new name, Signify. Wenneker was asked to run the worldwide campaign, launching the new name within individual B2B communities globally. Signify’s ambition was to showcase their worldwide presence, their incredible views on technology and how they’ll continue their work with consumers within their respective B2B communities.


We developed the campaign in collaboration with the creatives at Lovely.


The campaign aim was beautifully simple: show the new logo, a light-ring, at all the places where Signify has a presence.


Our post production department made the ring truly come to life in each scene, whether it was big, small, spinning or just a reflection. We’ve used hundreds of techniques to ensure that the ring and the lighting were the hero of each and every shot.


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We delivered the assets to launch the new name, worldwide. First we focused on an internal launch and when that proved to be a runaway success, we helped countries to launch Signify within their own B2B communities. It comprised of a campaign video and photography for both online and print, conference visuals, social videos, banner sets, toolkits for countries and employee events.


Maurice Heesen was in charge, together with our creative team at Lovely, for the roll out of the campaign visuals. We’ve used the main film as our inspiration and tried to connect both, the film and the photography in a relevant way.

Signify Employee Launch

Employee introduction

For each country’s launch event we made a short documentary about a present all the countries received from HQ: A 3D printed lamp, sustainably produced in the shape of the new logo.