Client: Philips

Director: Rocio Crudo


Creating a house of content that lasts 2 years +


We’ve developed a house of content so we could create a truly modular production.

We shot 36 scenes from which we could create TVCs, online films, product films and ‘how to’ films as well as photography and social content. By swapping the actors in every scene, we were able to deliver 36 variations for global use. A 10 day shoot in Portugal enabled us to deliver content that will fill global toolkits for the next 2+ years of the production cycle.

A truly modular production


Product film


Directors cut

We shot 36 TVC scenes from which we can make an almost unlimited amount of commercials. This content also served as a basis for all product, ‘how to’ films and social content, throughout the campaign.

CGI assets

For this project we’ve also developed a CGI capability for feature images which allows us to generate more videos and social assets. All the images were conceived with CGI end products in mind. 


Photographer Anne Timmer shot all the campaign photography including the key visuals, lifestyle shots and the ‘product in use’ imagery.


  • 36
  • 5
  • 267
  • 93

Technology video

Tech movie

Using the CGI feature images and the video assets we’ve made a technology film showcasing how the Lumea Prestige works. Our goal was simple: keep the film aspirational and beautiful without going into too much product detail.

Social Assets

Social assets have been an integral part of this production. We’ve created assets throughout all the phases of the Consumer Decision Journey from ‘Teasing’ to ‘Desire’, ‘Explore’, ‘Convert’ and even ‘Reward’. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve made.

Behind the scenes

With a director and DOP from Argentina, production HQ based in Amsterdam, line production in Portugal and a cast from all over the world, this was a truly international production. 10 days in Portugal and 3 days in Amsterdam generated this House of Content and now Philips can use these assets for a further two years.