CGI Productions


One of the things we’re extremely proud of at Wenneker.Amsterdam is our post production department that make all the amazing CGI content.

Whether it’s bringing a product to life from a simple sketch or explaining the complex technology inside a product, they can do it. 

We’re always thinking of how CGI can add value to a film or a process; how it can benefit the consumer rather than just being a gimmick.

Xelsis CGI film

Teaser movie

For the launch of the flagship model of Philips Saeco, the Xelsis, we were asked to create an introductory film. Without ever having seen a real model we brought the product to life in all its glory, showcasing all the beautiful design details that the designers at Philips/Saeco implemented.

Both the product and the film are a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Based on the film we also worked with Philips on creating the pack visuals.

Xelsis pack visuals

Technical Movies

Philips Purifier 6000

Philips Perfomer Silent

Check out the CGI technical product movies we created for Philips which were used during the launch events to demonstrate the new features.

The product is the hero

CGI is essential when we need to make our films more abstract, fun add a visual treat for the eye, or even add in the product in a real life environment interacting with people.

It’s all possible!


SpeedPro Max

Combining CGI with live action is something our 3D team does all the time. For this production we added the vacuum cleaner into the shots and created a technical movie about the power of the product.