As we welcome 2024, we, Wenneker.Amsterdam, are not just celebrating our legacy of innovative content production but also embracing a dynamic leap into the future with our new co-CEO leadership. This year marks a fresh start, an opportunity to accelerate towards sustainable growth aligned with our clear vision of “Solving complex content puzzles for multinational brands and agencies with our unique modular production method.”

Our journey in 2023 has been pivotal, with our strategic leadership changes positioning us for success. Last year we proudly announced, our, Liesbeth Timmer and Robert Verberne as new co-CEOs. Our synergy, built over years of close collaboration, sets the foundation for our dual leadership model.

First and foremost with Liesbeth Timmer, who’s been Wenneker’s MD for 7 years coming from a background of agencies and production companies, and Robert Verberne, who’s been Executive Producer at Wenneker for 18 years already, becoming co-CEO. Robert: “Having worked together so closely for over 7 years we organically have created our own way of working and we’ve become truly complementary to each other. There’s nothing better in production than when you can read someone with only a glance. We will therefore divide our strengths. Liesbeth, who has been the crucial heart of the organization, with all her experience, will continue to work on building and extending a strong organization, with further collaborations throughout PAKT. Where I will leverage my strengths with client relations and sales. Building strong partnerships with existing and new clients using the deep understanding and insights I have gained over the years. Together we aim to attract the best talent to help develop true modular content for all markets, channels, countries bringing the best skilled individuals both within and beyond PAKT.”

We stand at the forefront of an evolving production landscape, committed to delivering unparalleled content solutions. We want to convey that Wenneker.Amsterdam is a true partner for multinational brands and international agencies to deliver true content at scale whether it is 1 film or 100+ assets for a campaign. Our agility and collaborative spirit as co-CEOs combined with the fact that we truly understand the ask, the challenges, the budgets, the politics of our clients, makes that we have a track record of producing award winning worldwide modular content. This is mostly thanks to our view on producing content with our dedicated core production and post production team who understand our clients for the perfect teamwork, something you truly see echoed through our productions and something our clients experience every day in responsiveness and the highest service. But also the fact that we see the world as our roster in which we search and cater our clients with the best talent for their project.

Looking ahead, we want to be the game changer in the industry as Wenneker.Amsterdam. We immerse ourselves in revolutionary technologies, our mission remains unaltered: to solve today’s content puzzles. Using the strengths within PAKT we collaborate on delivering added value and the all in solution for every client using virtual production, the algorithms of AI, or the irreplaceable human touch that our producers bring to the table every day while working on our Modular Productions to deliver a vast range of assets, our commitment to delivering top-tier content is unwavering.

Our partnership symbolizes a perfect balance of outward expansion and internal fortitude. With Robert’s push into new frontiers using the latest technologies, and Liesbeth’s dedication to team spirit and readiness, we are geared up for the challenges of 2024.
We are confident that the strength of PAKT will solidify our position as one of Europe’s leading production houses. Join us on our journey to create compelling, impactful narratives. Together, we’ll help to solve our clients’ complex content puzzles.