The shoot is done, the footage ready, now it is your turn to take over the project that has been prepped by the in-house producers, with whom you will work closely. As a post-producer you are the link between the client and the post-team on various productions. You are jointly responsible for accurate planning in an ever-moving agenda. You ensure that the post-team is briefed substantively and you conduct a final check before delivering the assets to the client.

You are the liason between the client and the post-team on various productions, think of: Philips OneBlade 360, KitKat Library or Lumea Real User Stories. You ensure that the post-team is briefed and up-to-date on what is required. If things are unclear, they know how to reach you. Your planning is so accurate that even with an ever moving agenda, you deliver ahead of schedule. Of course, only after you have conducted a final check on the assets before delivering them to the client.

The post production process and all its technicalities are familiar to you. With your experience you can supervise multiple productions simultaneously, prioritize effectively and switch quickly when necessary. You are familiar with the software and tools used in post-production such as Google Tools, Notion and Float. The post-team and the client know that you are always in full control with your eye for detail and tight administration. No challenge is too big, so stress is not a word found in your vocabulary. Since our clients are mainly international, you are comfortable with the English language.

At Wenneker.Amsterdam we combine creativity with the ambition to continuously improve what we do. We always strive to exceed expectations. Our team is ambitious and can truly compete with the best in class. We believe that teamwork is essential and because we invest time and effort in developing our people you are assured of a place where you can maximize your potential. Our productions don’t conform to a 9 to 5 schedule, we work hard but we also believe in maintaining a healthy balance for our people!

Wenneker.Amsterdam is an independent part of PAKT. PAKT is a growing European ecosystem of companies providing high quality film and photo content for international brands and agencies.

Wennker.Amsterdam has the mission to solve today’s content puzzles! We create high-end productions for national and international brands and agencies. Primarily we work directly for brands. In many cases we are in charge from beginning to the end of a production. That is why we have all disciplines in-house. We are a stable and growing fast Amsterdam-based company. We take good care of our people’s development and because we have so much talent under one roof, we can develop our people, productions and company all at once and on the job. We are easy-going, professional, creative and bursting with talent!